Some old and beautiful cottages in Cambridge.
 The tree houses that makes wonderful Goldings restaurant and pub in King’s Lynn.
 Rooftops in London. I love all the bricks of English houses!
 I love observing and drawing people in public spaces, but it feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure.
 Mill Road, Cambridge.
obs collage.jpg
 Bricks in Oslo.
work men.jpg
 Cooking friend.
 Cambridge house.
 Cambridge street.
 My favourite house in Cambridge.
 People having a pint in Torshov, Oslo.
 Beautiful old houses, Rodeløkka, Oslo.
 Man on beach.
 In the winter it’s too cold to draw outside, so this is the view from my living room window.
 And this is the view from my kitchen.
 Sometimes it is fun to draw while doing something else. Here I was dancing and drawing without looking, it is like a childish game, but a surprisingly fun one. Even if the result is rather terrible.
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